Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas is OVER for 2012, Ready for 2013.

Christmas is over now, so my Christmas related leaves won't get as many sales or no more sales. 
Overall December was the best month I had so far in Zujava, I hope next Christmas 2013 will be the same or better than 2012. Now that Christmas is gone, we should start focusing on Valentine's day.  I published a very few lenses and 1 leaf One month Anniversary Gifts for Girlfriend, it's not really a Valentine's leaf, but close enough. I have many leaves ideas I want to publish, If you're a writer at Zujava or any other site I recommend you to get a small notebook to write down any leaf ideas you have, that way you would have something to always write about. 

I'm really excited for 2013, I want see what many of us going to accomplish! I'm already writing down my goals and plan for 2013. 

I wish you success this 2013, and don't forget to take your small notebook everywhere you go.

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  1. My December sales were okay. I had a stocking stuffer lens that was making a lot of add on sales including tablets and expensive toys!