Sunday, January 13, 2013

How I started January 2013

Sign up for Simple online publishing. Sorry I haven't been writing for a while in this blog, the holidays are over and everything is back to my regular schedule. I started the year 2013 with 38 leaves, I haven't published any new leaves this year. I created a plan to dedicate one month to Squidoo and another month to Zujava.  January, I'm dedicating all my time writing at Squidoo and February writing at Zujava.  

I also want been thinking about putting my eggs in a couple of different baskets and you should also if you haven't... That's why I signed up on Wizzley, but I don't plan writing there until April or end of March.

Even though I'm not writing at Zujava for this whole month, I been going there checking out the forums and leaves, so don't think i abandoned Zujava.

At the end of December this is how the tiers look like: 

Tier 1: 1-316
Tier 2: 317-949
Tier 3: 950-3164

Based on the breaking tiers I have on January 13, 2013

  • 5 Leaves on Tier 1  
  • 8 leaves on tier 2
  • 25 leaves on tier 3   
It's almost payday and I'm really excited to see If I'm going to break the threshold which is $5.  The payment  on January will be for November, remember they pay 2 months after.  So far my total unpaid earnings are $3.47

Do you think I'm going to break the threshold? You can comment below.

Contest this February

Bill is running a new challenge which is February 28 Leaves in 28 Days, based on the tittle you know it's about writing 28 leaves on 28 days.  I'm Ready for ANOTHER challenge! 

On December we had a challenge/contest to publish 10 gift guide leaves before the 25th of December where I encouraged you guys to join.  Here were the Gift Guide Challenge Winners

For February challenge Bill did not said anything about winning a prize, but if you join in the challenge you have the chance to expand your niche, place your eggs in more baskets, or prove to yourself you can actually write 28 leaves in 28 days! 


*Come back Tuesday January 15th. 

Sign up for Simple online publishing.

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