Sunday, December 2, 2012

How My Leaves are Doing..

On November 30, Bill mentioned that they are 2855 leaves.  Now if you have divide them into tiers this is how the tiers (buckets) look:
  1.  tier  1-285
  2. tier 286-856
  3. tier 857-2855
Now that we know the buckets I have  2 leaves in tier 1, 7 in tier 2. and 17 in the bottom tier.  I didn't know my I had so much leaves in the bottom tier but at least I'm glad I get paid for all my leaves.  This are my bottom leaves. 

  1. Melaleuca Zap It Personal Review 
  2.  Best curling wands for long and thick hair
  3. Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream Review
  4. Top Christmas Gifts for Kids who Like to Draw
  5. Make Strawberry and Honey Face Mask
  6. Oatmeal and Honey Face Mask
  7. X2 Scariest Roller Coaster I ever Rode at Six Flags
  8. Best Scented Candles for Fall
  9. Take your Family to the Aquarium of the Pacific
  10. My Zujava Diary
  11. Tips to lose weight a little faster.
  12. Bareminerals foundation Spf15 Review
  13. How to have beautiful Legs for Summer
  14. How to Get Your Kid Exercising After School
  15. Clean your Make Up Brushes
  16. 10 Good Reasons to Start Exercising
  17. Why Keep A Diary 
  I'm working to promote a few of these leaves. Some of them will be impossible to get traffic to them at this time of the year (December). For Example How to have beautiful Legs for Summer   wont get a lot of traffic until May and all summer. The leaf #4 in this list is the only leaf is not getting so much traffic and that's a little weird. But I'm going to make more leaves for the Contest where you could WIN A Zujava Mug.

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