Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What a TuesJava Surprise!!

Sign up for Zujava.com: Simple online publishing.Today I got a TuesZava Surprise (Hint: Tuesday)! So you may be wondering what is your Zujava Surprise? I saw $$ on my affiliate earnings. I was very surprised because I got my first sale a couple of months ago and today I check my my dashboard and I see that two of my leaves got new numbers with them. What a beautiful way to start the day knowing you made sales! It surely made my day! Like you already know the amount of money you get from whatever sold is usually a few cents, but money is money and it's still valuable.

This are the two leaves that I made sales on:

Christmas Candy Canes Decorations for Home : This leaf is been sitting on tier2. The sales were related to my leaf which made me even happier! And to top it off the person didn't order one sale but more than one because the sum next to my affiliate earnings are more than $2 dollars!

Top Christmas Gifts for Kids Who Like to Draw:  I was very surprised when I saw this leaf making sales because it's in the bottom tier, I didn't promoted, It doesn't get so much visitors but I guess the few visitors it gets come from organic traffic.

If you're a member of Zujava keep writing leaves, sales will come later on. If you're not a member yet you can sign up and make extra money in your spare time.

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