Saturday, August 10, 2013

May, June, and July Payment on Zujava

May Payment  $17.76.
June Payment $45.91- My Highest payment YET!
July Payment $31.00.

I'm really happy with my current payments even though my very last payment dropped.   What I believe that helped me was the 28 leaves in 28 days challenge. I'm still very glad I joined that challenge because those leaves are bringing me traffic and a few sales.

I have so many plans with Zujava and other writing sites, I want to keep expanding and learning. Unfortunately, I'm in school and I can't afford to give 100% of my focus to writing articles.  I stopped writing articles for Squidoo because of all the crazy chaos is going on there.  I know the changes are for a better "Squidoo" but since everything is clear, set, and not confusing with the whole content thing then I'm not writing there nomore.

I haven't written in Zujava as much as I want. My very last leaf was my Fish Ceviche Recipe. However, I'm working on a few leaves since Halloween is approaching and I'm really excited for it. I don't have so many Halloween articles but it's always excited to see other articles authors come up with.  I would of have more Halloween articles if I would of stop updating my older leaves. Updating older leaves is a must for me since I publish leaves and later I notice I could add more information to it.  Hope I update my older leaves that I believe are necessary and then give my full time attention to Christmas leaves which I'm planning to begin writing at the last week of August to September. 

I'm trying to stick to a schedule instead of just going along with the flow. Going along with the flow won't get me far in writing articles. I noticed every time I set myself goals (online or in school) I do much better.


You can no longer use your own Amazon affiliate account to add products to leaves.  You can only use Zujava's modules.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Payment April 15, 2013 for January Leaves

Is finally payday at Zujava!! Payday is always good, it rewards you for all the hard work you did 3 months ago by earning a few dollars ( or few hundreds) every month. As you're aware of, we didn't have a payment for March because of the new payment schedule. But now were going to have payday month after month.  Unfortunately in Zujava you can't break down your earnings and  see how much you earned for each leaf (exact amount) but other than Zujava is perfect. * I don't have any referrals.

My payment this month for January Leaves was $16.34. That's more than I expected for January! In January sales  usually go down to the floor. It's the slowest earning month in my experience.  I honestly didn't think I was going to pass over $ 10 dollars for January.  It's less than February's payment that was for December, but everybody know, December is when most sales occur. :)

Did you break the threshold?

Friday, March 15, 2013

New Payment for Zujava

Justin & Bill wrote a post  about the new payment schedule which is 3 months after. So for the January leaves you would be paid until April 15th. If you're just starting out in Zujava, don't let this new change affect you. Remember earnings don't increase overnight so you're not really going to miss a lot. Zujava is a young new website that is rapidly growing and its better to do things right in the beginning.

I don't think anyone is making a job income from their Zujava leaves yet. However, that could change in the next few months/ years so there is nothing to loose rather than to adjust and cheer from the fact that Zujava is growing.

In April we would be getting on January's payout and February's payout in May.

Friday, February 15, 2013

February Payment for December's Leaves

My biggest payment yet! The first Christmas I spend on Zujava and my Christmas payment is not bad at all.  I honestly didn't expect more than 10 dollar in my account, but it seems like I'm  in the right track. One thing that helped me with my earnings was the challenge Zujava had on December.  Some of my gift guide leaves made me good sales which helped me in getting this payment. My earnings were from the tier payments and the sales I made through the modules, I have 0 referrals.

So how was your December payout on Zujava? 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Leaves for the 28 Leaves in 28 Days Challenge!

Zujava has a new challenge this February which is to publish 28 leaves from Feb 1- 28.  As you know, I love challenges thinking back to December's challenge on publishing 10 leaves to receive a Zujava mug which I'm happily sipping on just right now. I'm getting off topic, If you're in Zujava, I encourage you to try to publish 28 leaves this month, if you don't get there, you still got the benefit of expanding your leaf portfolio.

*I'm not sure I'm going to make it but trying won't hurt. 

UPDATE: I did it!

Here are my leaves for the challenge:

1. Nicki Minaj Merchandise
2. Animal Print Valentine's Day Cards 
3.  Monkey Valentine's Day Cards 
4. How to Boost Self Esteem for Teenagers 
5. Play Food for Kids to Play Kitchen  
6. Play food Baskets for Kids  
7. Beautiful Sweet 16 Jewelry  
8. Play Shopping Cart for Kids  
9. Best Play Kitchen under $200  
10. Fun Indoor Activities for Kids  
 11. Sweet Sentimental Gifts for Mom
12. Make an Avocado Mask
13. Best Flat Irons for Thick Hair 
14. Happy Mother's Day Cards  
15. Gifts for the Fashionable Mom  
16. Jewelry Gifts for Little Girls  
17. BabyLips 
18. Homemade Banana and Honey Face Mask
19. Honey Facial Mask Recipe   
20. Honey and Cinnamon Face Mask  
21. St. Patrick's Day Fun Events in Los Angeles 
22. Pendant Necklaces for Little Girls 
23. Papaya and Honey Face Mask  
24. Wooden Stamp Sets for Kids   
25. Yogurt and Honey Face Mask 
26.  Makeup Kits for Little Girls 
27. Lemon and Honey Face Mask   
28. Apple Facial Mask 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

My favorite Leaves on Zujava!

Zujava is a fun site with so many great leaves you don't know which one to start reading first. That's why I want to share with you guys my favorite 5 leaves on Zujava:

1. My Zujava Earnings and Goals by Rochelle.
2. Kale Chips , Want a healthy delicious snack? then you would love this recipe.
3. How to Stay Happily Married , I'm not married but the advice Bonita gives you in this leaf are excellent.
4. Easter Party Decoration, aren't this decor perfect for Easter day?
5. Save the Ocean 

Stay posted for my next post. 

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January Payment and News!

Hey leafers, I'm really happy today and probably you're too if you got a payment from Zujava! Today's payment increased, the earnings were for November's leaves! I sure can't wait to see my February payment which would be for December. If you're new to Zujava hang in there, you're going to see earnings really soon.

My earnings were not huge but enough to break the threshold, just what i been aiming for! My payment was $3.06. Enough to break the threshold with $6.53.

Here is a screenshot of my earnings.

Share your January payment  with us with a comment below! 

I guess fifteen is my lucky number because I'm NOW part of the Zubassador's  team! I was so excited even a tear came out! Now my job is to hunt down great quality leaves that deserve a ZQ boost! You can share your leaf with us at leaf showcase where Zubassadors and members can check out your leaf. It's a good way to drive traffic to your leaf and a Zubassador may even visit your leaf and give a little love to it.

~Come back Saturday for my next post.