Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January Payment and News!

Hey leafers, I'm really happy today and probably you're too if you got a payment from Zujava! Today's payment increased, the earnings were for November's leaves! I sure can't wait to see my February payment which would be for December. If you're new to Zujava hang in there, you're going to see earnings really soon.

My earnings were not huge but enough to break the threshold, just what i been aiming for! My payment was $3.06. Enough to break the threshold with $6.53.

Here is a screenshot of my earnings.

Share your January payment  with us with a comment below! 

I guess fifteen is my lucky number because I'm NOW part of the Zubassador's  team! I was so excited even a tear came out! Now my job is to hunt down great quality leaves that deserve a ZQ boost! You can share your leaf with us at leaf showcase where Zubassadors and members can check out your leaf. It's a good way to drive traffic to your leaf and a Zubassador may even visit your leaf and give a little love to it.

~Come back Saturday for my next post.

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