Saturday, November 17, 2012

Welcome to my Zujava Blog.

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Welcome to my blog, Thanks for stopping by! I'm very excited to take you along my journey and through my process here. I will be posting my earnings here and what I learn a long the way, since Zujava is a brand new site launched in 2012 it's going to take a while to see significant money.  If you're familiar with Squidoo you know it takes time to see big dollars in your account, same thing with Zujava.

Two goals I want to Accomplish in Zujava!
I have two goals I want to accomplish in Zujava, I want to accomplish  these two goals within a year. I signed up to Zujava in June 26, 2012, so by June 26, 2013 I hope I accomplish my goals.

My two goals
  1.  Be in the top 10 leaderboard. 
  2. Write 100 quality leaves (articles). 
I wish I could add more goals to my list, but don't have enough time to achieve more goals.

If you haven't signed up to Zujava Sign up now 

If you have any questions you can read the FAQ to see if your question is already answered. 

Just for this being my FIRST post in this blog I will post up my so- far earnings here. But every month I post it up in a new posts.  Note * You get paid 2 months after writing your articles. Ex: If you write your leaf on January you will be paid March.

Like I mentioned above I joined June 26, 2012 .

August 15 payment (June ) was $0.03 cents. * Understandable I joined the 26.

September 15 payment (July leaves) was $0.06 cents. *Doubled, nice since the site launched out of beta in May!

October 15 (August leaves) payment was $0.08 cents. * This was a bit discouraging but I got to admit I didn't wrote many leaves.

November 15 (September leaves) payment was $1.02. * Seems like earnings are going up!

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