Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Leaves so Far...

I'm happy to announce that I have 26 Leaves on Zujava so far and 5,403 overall views. I have 2 leaves in bucket 1 (tier 1), but both are Halloween leaves and eventually they will turn into bucket 2 or 3.  Christmas is arriving so it means many people are going to be shopping, I'm not really looking forward on making a sale this year, I really need to promote my leaves and get targeted traffic to it before Christmas comes, I'm making this Christmas leaves so they would have some age by Christmas 2013 and all Christmas after it, but if  a sell happens it won't hurt.

Here are my Christmas Leaves so far:

Best Homemade Christmas presents - It's already getting traffic already from search engines.

Top Christmas Gifts for Kids who Like to Draw - Inspired by my little nephews who love drawing.

Patriotic Christmas Tree Ideas -  I love the patriotic colors and to many people red, white, and blue means more than just "colors".

Christmas Candy Canes Decorations for Home -  Candy canes is the Christmas candy and also the perfect decorations.

Those are my Christmas leaves so far. I started by making Halloween Leaves, but since Halloween is gone, it's better if I start with some Christmas leaves.
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