Sunday, November 18, 2012

How Many Leaves Should I have to Earn money on Zujava?

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You probably asking yourself, How many leaves do I need to earn a good amount of money on Zujava? Well it depends,some leafers (members of Zujava) have around 10, 20, 25 leaves and they're earning MORE than other leafers who have 40- 100+ leaves more! How can that be? It depends how are you earning money on Zujava.

Here are the ways you earn money through Zujava: 

  • Bucket system: Zujava pays you depending the ZQ (I call it Zujava Quality) of  your leaves through out the whole month. The bucket system changes as more leaves are created. If you have a leaf in bucket 1, it will get paid more than a leaf in bucket 3. 
       Example:  On September Bill wrote that there are 2,344 published leaves in Zujava. So that makes the buckets like this, ZQ   #1- 234 = Bucket 1, ZQ #235- 703= Bucket 2, #704- 2344  Bottom Bucket!
Find out  how you earn money from buckets.

 Amazon is a great way to earn money and sales, basically if someone buys something from Amazon through your leaf modules you earn a small commission,  split 50/50.

 Own Affiliate products:  If you have a Zazzle store or are a Amazon affiliate or other reputable site, Zujava allows you to post your link in your leaves. This is another way leafers are earning good money with their leaves. If you're planning to add your own affiliate links, make sure you read Zujava content Policy first to see the forbidden topic list.  

Referrals : Basically People who signed up under you, read more at Zujava's Referral system: How it Works

So here are the ways you can earn money on Zujava.  All the leaves you publish on Zujava will earn something, unlike Squidoo. So if you're asking yourself, "Do you have to have certain amount of leaves to make good amount?", well you can have hundreds of leaves in the bottom bucket that will earn you $50 dollars by combining them or 20-30 leaves in the TOP bucket giving you $50 dollars if you combine them. It's really up to YOU! If you ask me is chasing the buckets really worth it? I' not in a hurry to make lots of money in Zujava, it takes time to see money coming in and daily salesI'm focusing more on writing  nice leaves so next year around Halloween and Christmas my leaves would have some age.  

Zujava earnings are going up every month, so it means the earnings will start increasing.  This is what Bill post on "October Halloween Traffic and Earnings Update".  Zujava allows only quality leaves and that looks great in the eyes on Google.  

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