Saturday, August 10, 2013

May, June, and July Payment on Zujava

May Payment  $17.76.
June Payment $45.91- My Highest payment YET!
July Payment $31.00.

I'm really happy with my current payments even though my very last payment dropped.   What I believe that helped me was the 28 leaves in 28 days challenge. I'm still very glad I joined that challenge because those leaves are bringing me traffic and a few sales.

I have so many plans with Zujava and other writing sites, I want to keep expanding and learning. Unfortunately, I'm in school and I can't afford to give 100% of my focus to writing articles.  I stopped writing articles for Squidoo because of all the crazy chaos is going on there.  I know the changes are for a better "Squidoo" but since everything is clear, set, and not confusing with the whole content thing then I'm not writing there nomore.

I haven't written in Zujava as much as I want. My very last leaf was my Fish Ceviche Recipe. However, I'm working on a few leaves since Halloween is approaching and I'm really excited for it. I don't have so many Halloween articles but it's always excited to see other articles authors come up with.  I would of have more Halloween articles if I would of stop updating my older leaves. Updating older leaves is a must for me since I publish leaves and later I notice I could add more information to it.  Hope I update my older leaves that I believe are necessary and then give my full time attention to Christmas leaves which I'm planning to begin writing at the last week of August to September. 

I'm trying to stick to a schedule instead of just going along with the flow. Going along with the flow won't get me far in writing articles. I noticed every time I set myself goals (online or in school) I do much better.


You can no longer use your own Amazon affiliate account to add products to leaves.  You can only use Zujava's modules.

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