Monday, April 15, 2013

Payment April 15, 2013 for January Leaves

Is finally payday at Zujava!! Payday is always good, it rewards you for all the hard work you did 3 months ago by earning a few dollars ( or few hundreds) every month. As you're aware of, we didn't have a payment for March because of the new payment schedule. But now were going to have payday month after month.  Unfortunately in Zujava you can't break down your earnings and  see how much you earned for each leaf (exact amount) but other than Zujava is perfect. * I don't have any referrals.

My payment this month for January Leaves was $16.34. That's more than I expected for January! In January sales  usually go down to the floor. It's the slowest earning month in my experience.  I honestly didn't think I was going to pass over $ 10 dollars for January.  It's less than February's payment that was for December, but everybody know, December is when most sales occur. :)

Did you break the threshold?

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